3 Clay Detox Mask

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This "beautiful skin" mask combines the absorbent properties of 3 different clays (diatomaceous, kaolin and colloidal) with the purifying properties of the essential oils of rosemary, grapefruit and ylang.
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The extract of lotus stimulates cell regeneration, while turmeric extracts, rice and Kombuchka® detoxify the skin. As a result, the complexion becomes brighter, imperfections are erased, features are relaxed, and skin texture is refined through the tightening of pores. The skin looks rejuvenated.

Use :
apply a semi-thick layer of 3 Clay Detox Mask to the face and neck. Leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Use once or twice a week. Other possibility : remove the mask after at least 30/45 minutes when it’s dry, using the fingers to make it fluff, then rinse.

60 ml

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